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nice to meet you.

Wolf & Rebel was created by Annie Vanrivong - the one women show behind the brand. 

It all started when her partner and family were planning their travels on their converted school bus. Annie needed a way to make an income while on the road - so the idea of hand stamped keychains was born!

Eventually, hand stamped keychains became her full-time job and Wolf & Rebel continued to grow.

While travelling on their converted school bus, Annie also did pop ups at farmer’s markets, events and local shops all over Canada.

After two years of making keychains, she decided to open her own brick + mortar shop!

This storefront was created as a space for inspiration and creativity. For makers different and alike, to come together. 

For locals to explore products never seen in her hometown of Windsor, ON before.

We believe in offering a total experience that will leave your senses buzzing with excitement. From the smells, to the colours and even the different brands showcased in store.

Wolf & Rebel is here as a reminder to have fun and be creative in life. Support one another and be fierce in your pursuit in your dreams!

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