Animal Apothecary Oracle Deck

Animal Apothecary Oracle Deck

Elizabeth Cara
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The animals have wisdom to share and lessons to teach, each card in this unique and colorful deck connecting the reader more deeply to their inherent intuitive power to manifest their dreams and fulfill their destinies.

Born out of the author's personal journey to heal her trauma, this deck is a companion and guide for others walking the same path. From a piglet offering self-love and an octopus encouraging evolution, to a whale suggesting flow and ostrich telling you to get some perspective, each animal you encounter offers wisdom and helps you to find purpose and meaning in life.

The unique, hand-drawn art in this deck is infused with sage animal messages and the author's deep passion for focusing readings on life-purpose and manifestation. Seek connection to your core sense of self and find ways bring your desires and dreams into the world with the tools in this deck.

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