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Caffeine + Electrolytes Water
Caffeine + Electrolytes Water

Caffeine + Electrolytes Water

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The ideal blend of artisan water, light caffeine, and hydrating electrolytes with no flavours, sweeteners, calories, or artificial ingredients.

What’s Inside Curly’s Water? Pure artisan water, straight from local aquifers. We then purify our water through UV filters and reverse osmosis for water that tastes amazing.

Caffeine - No synthetic, bitter caffeine here.

We use only natural caffeine from organic coffee beans. 20mg per bottle equals about ¼ cup of coffee.

Electrolytes are the key to sustained hydration.

Each bottle contains our electrolyte blend including 14mg calcium, 11mg of magnesium, and 2mg of potassium.

20oz eco-friendly, BPA-free bottles with 20mg of caffeine

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