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Cherry Hibiscus Sparkling Botanical Water

Cherry Hibiscus Sparkling Botanical Water

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South African hibiscus sweetened with black cherries and a dash of Ceylon cinnamon to balance an intense day.

🍒 Find clarity with L-theanine: Nootropic found in green tea. Increases alpha brainwaves - the same ones you experience when meditating or being creative. Improves focus, attention, and mental clarity
🍒 Reset with ashwagandha: Ancient Ayurvedic adaptogen and supplement from India. Boosts brain function and concentration, lowers cortisol levels, and helps fight stress and anxiety
🍒 No sugar & low calorie: Full of flavor and deliciously sweetened with a dash of natural sweeteners (stevia, monk fruit, and erythritol). Fat free and healthy. Keto friendly
🍒 No caffeine & no junk: No artificial ingredients.

Non-GMO. Non-carbonated. Not made from concentrates. Organic apple cider vinegar for vitality. Just simple and natural (like life should be) Functional beverage with all-natural ingredients

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