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Daytime Fighter Pimple Patches
Daytime Fighter Pimple Patches

Daytime Fighter Pimple Patches

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Waking up to a pimple is never ideal.
But before you do the squeezing and the popping, WAIT just a moment!

These AM acne patches can do the job for you so you don’t damage your skin. Spot Fighter Blemish Patches are Hydrocolloid patches infused with Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Tea Tree Extract, and Centella Asiatica to pull the gunk out while protecting your spot from further irritation.

AM pimple patches are perfect for camouflaging and shielding spots while you're doing your everyday thing! They feature a thin lining and a thicker center to make them daytime-friendly!

Just stick 'em on and take on the world!

72 patches total
10mm and 12 mm
Thin edges, perfect for daytime wear

AM Key Ingredients

Hydrocolloid- A breathable material that helps create a moist environment to help absorb, extract, and protect pimples.

Tea Tree Leaf Oil- A anti-inflammatory ingredient to help minimize redness and irritation.

Centella Asiatica Extract- A gentle yet powerful ingredient that helps calm the skin and promotes healing. 

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