Dying To Be A Good Mother | local author
Dying To Be A Good Mother | local author

Dying To Be A Good Mother | local author

Heather Chauvin
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You do not need to be diagnosed with cancer, like Heather Chauvin did, to realize motherhood doesn’t need to suck the life out of you. In fact, the more alive you feel, the less exhausted, irritable, and frustrated you’ll be.

Heather was once like you. A so-called successful working mother of three, juggling a growing career, parenting, and family life—she looked like the very model of success. But inside, she was dying. Literally.

One year after the birth of her youngest son, she was diagnosed with stage four cancer. In the blink of an eye, she saw just how far away she was from living a life she actually wanted. She had spent her entire adult life trying—and dying—to be a good mother. As she battled through months of chemotherapy, illness, and recovery, she realized something: it was time to start living. Not for others—but for herself.

In Dying to Be a Good Mother, Heather—now a TEDx speaker, host of the Mom Is In Control podcast and personal development coach—takes you through her journey with honesty, humor, and strength. She holds sacred space for you to cry, yell, scream and dig deep within your soul to return home to your true self. Part memoir and part personal development guide, you’ll learn how to put yourself first and find the happy you deserve.

You might resist this journey. But it’s time to stop using motherhood as an excuse not to take care of yourself, and give yourself permission to create space for what you truly want. It’s time to stop dying to be a good mother, and start living the life you deserve

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