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Guava Rose Sparkling Kombucha
Guava Rose Sparkling Kombucha

Guava Rose Sparkling Kombucha

Wild Wonder
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Tropical guava and soothing rose boosted by elderberry, prebiotic chicory root, and vegan probiotics to give you a healthy gut and glowing skin.

Prebiotics are the life source of probiotics. Together they work effectively to strengthen your gut health.

Our sparkling super herb infusions are the first comprehensive gut healer combining live vegan probiotics, plant fiber (prebiotics), and functional herbs.

We craft the cleanest organic and vegan drinks with no fillers, no coloring, no refined sugar, no caffeine and no artificial ingredients.

A delicious alternative to Kombucha with no vinegary taste!

Highlights: organic, plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free, low sugar

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