Marv & Millie: A Heart to Heart | *local author*

Marv & Millie: A Heart to Heart | *local author*

Steven Palombo
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Finally! A children’s book that ignites our core, inspiring us to ask ourselves who we are and who we truly want to be. It challenges with deep questions and delivers a clear message, bringing hope to our world.

Marv & Millie is a story that asks what it means to be human, what our shared values are, and if our individual thoughts and actions are consistent with these meaningful standards we all claim to live by.

Marv is an inquisitive little pig and he’s noticed that his friend, Millie the dog, has a happier life than he does. Why is this? When Millie bumps into Marv one morning, she can tell he’s worried about something. It’s a beautiful day and after walking, talking and breathing in the energizing air, the two friends realize what’s been going on....

Their lives, and the lives of billions of animals around the world, depend on simple decisions;
choices being made for them by others!

Would these choice-makers ever change their ways?
all types of animals eventually live happy, peaceful lives, not just a select few?

The friends look forward with optimism that one day,
how they look won’t affect how they live, and that the choices being made for them will be as humane and thoughtful as those making the decisions.

Marv & Millie’s honesty and insight is perfect for readers of all ages and for people who truly want to better the world and all its inhabitants.

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