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Outspoken: Why Women's Voices Get Silenced and How To Set Them Free

Outspoken: Why Women's Voices Get Silenced and How To Set Them Free

Veronica Rueckert
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A big think, conversation-changing book, full of practical advice, about how women can learn to claim the power of their voices in the workplace and at home, and what needs to change so they can finally be heard.

From the Supreme Court to the conference room to the classroom, women find themselves interrupted much more often than their male counterparts. Worse, a 2015 Yale University study revealed that women executives who spoke more often than their peers were rated 14 percent less competent, while male executives who did the same thing enjoyed a 10 percent competency bump. And a 2016 study from USC found women account for only a third of speaking roles in top US movies.

It’s undeniable: women’s voices aren’t being heard - at work, at home, in every facet of their lives. The fault lies not with women, but in a culture that seeks to silence women’s voices. However, there are skills every woman can harness to understand her own voice and learn how to use it with confidence.

With Outspoken, Veronica Rueckert - a Peabody Award-winning former host at Wisconsin Public Radio, trained opera singer, and communications expert - teaches women to speak with the confidence, clarity, and authority that will get them heard. Outspoken provides listeners with the insight, guidance, and encouragement they need to use their voice to successfully communicate in meetings, around the dinner table, and during future political debates.

Written with a warm and engaging tone, brimming with practical advice and accessible stories, Outspoken is a substantive yet entertaining analysis of why most males - and many females - don’t grant women the power to speak. Most importantly, it includes solutions for change. Positive, confident and supportive, this welcome and much need guide will help reshape the world and make it better for women - and for everyone.

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