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Retro Bike Book Banter Bookmark

Retro Bike Book Banter Bookmark

Beautiful Words
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Spark your thinking and ignite conversation using the thought-provoking questions found on the Beautiful Words’ Book Banter bookmark. Not only is this bookmark beautiful, but it offers an innovative approach to read, reflect, and connect with the stories you read. 

Tucking a Book Banter bookmark inside a book allows you to reflect on your “in-the-moment” reading experiences and serves as a handy conversation guide when discussing great books. 

There’s no better way to dig deep into literary fiction, participate in book clubs, or banter about books with friends than using a Beautiful Words’ Book Banter bookmark! 

 For every Beautiful Words’ bookmark sold, 10% of the proceeds go to the WindsorEssex Community Foundation to support reading and literacy programs for vulnerable populations. 

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