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Signature Boba Milk Tea Kit
Signature Boba Milk Tea Kit

Signature Boba Milk Tea Kit

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Here comes the original and most popular milk tea that started it all. The perfect blend of Assam black tea, brown sugar syrup and milk tea creamer gives you the delicious signature milk tea. Make your own signature milk tea with this easy foolproof kit!

The kit comes with:

  1. Assam Black Tea
  2. Taiwanese Brown Sugar Syrup
  3. Non-Dairy Milk Tea Creamer
  4. Tapioca Pearls
  5. Instruction Card

The flavour of the milk tea comes from our special brown sugar syrup. Our drink kit will recreate your favourite bubble tea shop milk tea! Serve your friends and family your own milk tea. They won't be able to tell the difference!

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