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Water Wash Balm Cleanser Makeup Remover

Water Wash Balm Cleanser Makeup Remover

Juice to Cleanse
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This refreshing water-to-foam cleansing balm deserves a place in your regimen! Transforming from a sorbet-like balm into a light foam once water is added, Juice to Cleanse Water Wash Balm dissolves makeup, SPF, environmental debris, dirt and excess oil without ever leaving skin feeling stripped or parched.

Even dry, redness-prone skin will feel hydrated and smooth.

Apply a small amount to dry skin, massaging gently to dissolve makeup and loosen dirt. Add a little bit of water to generate a soft foam, then remove with a splash of lukewarm water or a damp towel.

It’s fortified with brightening fruit extracts including lemon, mango, lime and pineapple juice, plus papaya extract—a natural exfoliator for silky-smooth skin. This is a water-based balm (unlike many cleansing balms which are oil-based) so this would be used as the second step in a traditional double cleanse routine.

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