Winging It: Stop Thinking, Start Doing

Winging It: Stop Thinking, Start Doing

Emma Issacs
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Arianna Huffington describes Emma Isaacs as "a new role model of success for women all around the world," and Kate Hudson says, "Everyone can learn something from the way Emma conducts herself and her attitude towards business and life."

Now, with Emma's revolutionary manifesto Winging It: Stop Thinking, Start Doing, readers will do just that. More than a book, Winging It is a movement, a rallying cry for all women to "try the things that scare them, build their wealth, make an impact, fail lots, and get up and try again." Emma shows us that often the only thing holding us back is ourselves - that we can follow our dreams and there's no reason not to start right now.

Filled with Emma's wins and failures, key lessons, practical advice, and stories from the many successful women and men she's met along the way, this book will inspire you to stop hiding behind the easy option or the perfect plan and start Winging It.

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